Antoine Soulard to Moses Austin, 02-17-1801

Summary: Inclosing certificate of survey. Advice about procedure in New Orleans to obtain title.

St Louis February 17th- 1801


Herein Included you will find your Certificate of Survey, together with the three petitions Granted by the Lieuts. Governors Don Zenon Trudeau and De Lassus I Would recommend to you not to alter the folds and to take the best Care not to Spoil it any way untill you arrive at New Orleans for as the Deed of Grant which Shall be Delivered to you is to be written underneath if it was not in a Good order there might arise Some difficultys

I have requested Mr. Pascal D'etchemendy to Call upon you for the payment of the Fifty Dollars which you are now owing me. Which Sum with that of twenty five Dollars for which I have placed myself upon you in favor of Mr. Thomas Maddin make up the Sum of Seventy five Dollars full Ballance of the two hundred and twenty five which you had agreed to pay me for the Compleat Survay of your Land

If for your own Satisfaction you would wish to have a Separate map of Your Land upon a Scale Double of that of your Certificate and upon which I Could write every word in english with the help of Mr. Bellier I Could do and Send it to you for the time you might want it and in the time of it's being delivered to you I Could tell you what I Should think Just for you to pay me which I Cannot tell but [by] the time that I may be Doing of it

If as I have been told you go down to New-Orleans I have no letter to give to you Since you are very well acquainted with Mr. Zenon Trudeau who will Suport your rights try to get a letter from Mr. Maxwell to his friend Mr. Leonard Gilbert the King's treasurer and Doing now the Duty of Contador which Gives him the preponderency and the second office of the Intendency he is a very amiable man and speaks very good english loves Joy and is the friend of mankind ask him also [mutilated] for Don Walche his friend who is a Minister Very amiable and an [mutilated] Irishman. Do not go also without asking from Mr. [mutilated] letter from him to his Son in Law Mr Derbigny my particular friend you will also find at New Orleans a very handsome and Very well regulated mason's Loge.

If your Intention is to return through the United States I wish you would be So good as to let me know of it that I might Send to you Letters for my friend Mr Chevalier.

After having told you what I think more convenient to your Interests I have only to assure you of my Sincere wish for your Success in all your undertakings I have not the least doubt but the Sheet Lead and Shot will be a Very Good article and In every thing which you may have to Do with the Government I have not the least Doubt but you know what Steps you are to take In order to Succeed

Anto Soulard

P. S. be So good as to present my Best respects to Mrs. Austin