Thomas Hockley to Moses Austin, 09-01-1801

Summary: Sale of sugar.

Philad Sepr [1] 1801

Mr Moses Austin

Dear Sir I herewith inclose you Account of Sales of your five Hogsheads of Sugar recd per the Schooner Nancy from New Orleans. I am very sorry that the Sales will be so little to your Satisfaction, but it was the highest price that I could possibly procure— the Sugar B[r]okers would give but 8 1/2 dollars p Cwt and pay the amot in Loaff Sugar Those Sugars of yours were of the very worst Quality which was agravated by a comparison with a parcele by the same Vessell of an excellent quality which were landed at the same time. James and Wm Miller had a number of Hhds consigned them by same Vessell of as bad a kind as yours.—Add to this, there is no exportation of any consequence to Europe West India produce haveing declined there. It would have been better for us both if you had shipped the Dollars, even if the duty was deducted.—You will observe I charge no Commissions. I enclose your Acct. Currt. by which you will see how the Interest swells the Ballance . . . [torn] Business here, so that you must know well, how our British Creditors charge us Interest up to the very day and the Interest we receive but poorly reemburses us. I had on the Rect of your letter from New Orleans, anticipated the Settlement of your acct and should have been much pleased on transmitting you a Receipt in full, and I rather suppose this might have been done, as I have been informed you took . . . [torn] dollars home with you in Cash.

I still hope you will bear this acct. in mind and do, pray my good Sir, forward the Ballance as quick as possible. Our politicall Ballance since the election of Governor McKean has all turned one way, the Democratic Interest preponderates thro the State and even our City has degenerated; I suppose the next election will be altogether on that side. George Wescott has been in very ill health but is now better. Henry Wescott when on a visit to the Copper Mine in Maryland last December, fell down one of the Shafts 36 feet and broke both his Legs— after laying on his back 4 Months, he got home in May and still in that position, and it is not till within this month that he has been able to walk with Crutches; indeed his Recovery is a Miracle— Bob Morris is at length at large, he has obtained his Liberty by the Act of Bankruptcy. Nickolson you might have heard died in prison

Shall be glad of a line when this gets to hand, and if you can accompany it with something substantial in the money way, you will render me a great service, and confer a great Obligation on

Tho. Hockley [Rubric]

Dr. Moses Austin in Account with Thomas Hockley Cr


March 12 To Goods at 6 Mo 223. 7. 9

Interest from 12 Sept. 1796 to end of 6 Mos credit to 27 October 1801 the time when in Cash from Dubs and Earl, 5 yrs. 1 M° 15 days, 68.13. 6

292. 1. 3


Sepr. 1 By Nett proceeds Sales of 5 Hhds Sugar herewith rendd amot. $179.44______________________________________ 67. 5.10

Ballance carried down_________________________________ 224. 15. 5

292. 1. 3

To Ballance $599 D. 224. 15. 5

Sepr 1801 Errors Excepted

Thos Hockley [Rubric]

Sales of 5 Hhds Muscovado Sugar recd per the Schooner Nancy Capt Smith from New Orleans for acct of Moses Austin


Aug 28 Dubs and Earle for 5 hhds @ bodeeys 9. 0. 24 10. 0. 0 9. 2. 0 8. 3. 10 9. 2. 10 47. 0. 16 Tr 12 per Cent 5. 0. 5 42. 0. 11 Nt @ 9 drs pr Cwt____ Drs 378 88


Bonds and Permit at Custom house__________ 1. 00

Import duty— 2 /2 Cents pr lb say____________ 116.10

Jas Brown Freight @ 15 drs pr Hhd and primage__________________________________ 78.75

1/2 weighing @ 2 Cents pr CW_______________ 84

S(t)eve Hollingsworth & Son Sighterage from the Lazaretto @ 1/2 dr pr Hhd________ 2.50

Cooperage__________________________________ 25

Commission 5 per Cent______________________ 0.00


Nt Proceeds to Credit of M Austins Acct Currt _________________________________Dr 179. 44

Net proceeds carried to Credit of Mr Austin's Accot. Currt. ____________________ $179. 44

Philad [September 1] 1801 Errors Excepted

Thos. Hockley [Rubric]