Moses Austin to Antoine Soulard, 08-04-1803

Summary: Concerning misrepresentations against Austin by an unknown person. Austin's opinion of Thomas Madden.

Mine Au Burton Augt. 4th 1803


I Rec'd by the Hands of A Mr. Mason, an, Anonymous letter the Contents of Which gave me to understand from Whence, It, came. In that paper I am told that Mr. Bolvan [?] is Charged with some particulars you have rece'd via, your friends, Which he will Communicate to me. Having recd his Communications, I make you my Answer—

As to the Information you have Rec'd from your friend If he says that he has hear'd from me a word that Can in any Manner terminate Either to your Damage or that of your friend he says what is false, and If you will favour me with his name I will immediately Demand an Explenation the transactions that have taken place between you and myself have rested with me and those-Intristed and I cannot believe either of them have said any thing to your Dishonour, as to my Nameing, the Govr. in any manner in this business I also pointedly Deny haveing done so.

When Doct. Watkins mentioned this subject to me I then told him the difficulties that might Arise unless some man Other then Maddin Survey'd the land, he thought with me and said he would write you on the subject, on my Arrivel, At St. Louis finding the business widely different from what I expected I immediately gave up all Idea of a Speculation with my friend Watkins, and what-business I Executed with you was for my friends and Such Men As I Know will be of advantage to the Country Its the first time in my life that A letter came to Me with out Date or Name, it bespeeks your Opinion of me and I shall take such Steps as my injur'd Honour demands, by first returning not Onely the last but all the papers that have come into my Hands from you relative to this Matter Except the petitions and them I shall retain untill I have an Opportunety of Stateing your Communecations to those Intristed, and Since its your wish be assured I shall do all in my power to obtain leave to return each and Every petition to you again, I wish Nothing to remain in my hands that can put it in my power or-that of my friends to do you Injustice and whin I am debarrass'd of all those things I hope Sr you will do me the Justice to grant me an Intervew with your informer—When I shall Demand from him such sattisfaction as the nature of the business-Requires

You are to remember Sr. that how Ever improperly I may think myself treated in this Affair Yet Nothing will go from me that shall give you grounds to call my Honour in question.

the Manner in which you say the Surveys must be made at Belie Veiw will render them useless to the Intristed the situation of the place render it impossible for the lines of each Survey to Close. You also Demand my note with the Intristed for the fees of Office and that payable in Spanish Dollars unless paid at the Day and Hour they become Due Tom Madden has Never Demanded Security from Others and Why Demand it at this time. I am bold to say each and Every man are as Equal to pay there Debts as Madden You cannot Expect me to put myself in the power of a man who has proven by his Conduct that No thing but an Oppertunety is Wanting to ruin my Reputation.

I have told you before and I now tell you that Madden has lost you more money then he has made you and his friendship may at this time Cost you 700 Dollars. Under such circumstances Can you Suppose me so pusillanimous an animal as to Submitt myself to his will No Sr. In this Business I feel myself Unjustly injur'd and Insult'd. but I have given you my word that nothing shall go from me prejucicial either to your Honour or your Intrest I shall therefore untill I have your leave deposit in my Brest this whole Affair and at a proper time Demand sattisfaction of those who have so Unjustly Represented my Conduct towards you

Inclosed are all the papers that relate to this buseness—

[M. Austin.]

[Endorsed:] Letter Anto Soulard Copy Augt 4th 1803