Moses Austin to Aaron Elliott, 08-18-1803

Summary: Seeking settlement with S. Austin. Cession of Louisiana, opportunity for young men.

Mine Au Burton Augt. 18th. 1803.

Dear Sir

I wrote you about Twelve Month passed and forwarded you a Statement of S Austins business and mine to which I Requested your friendly attention since which I am without Information from any of those I aught to Consider my Friends in the United States. I am truly desirous to have my business settled with S Austin that I may again make a Visit to my Native land If nothing better can be don get from S Austin the terms on which he will settle all the Dis[cords and disput?]es between us and If I ca[n secure a disc?]harge from him f[or the expenditure?] in full of Two or three thou[and dollars?] I shall willing [ly] do so

I [am truly sorry f ?]or S Austins situation which [is due to his son?] Charles Austin and from [what I learn it is tr?]uly disagreeable. I w[as in hopes that th?]is New Undertaking with Phelps and Sandford would prove advantageous in this adventure. I hope I am not charged with the Cause of its Miscarrage Nothing would give me greater Satisfaction then to see and hear of S Austins Welldoing, notwithstanding I am fully Acquainted with all his Conduct towards me as also that of Charles Austin but I am greatly Disposed to do away all disputes with S Austin. I have wrote Mr Phelps again and If anything can be don you will be so good as to write me immediately. Within a few days past I recd letters from the States that informed me that France has Ceded the whole of the province of Louisianna w[ith?] New Orleans to the United States. If [this be so this coun?]try will present the grea[test opportunity for] a Young man of any in the [whole world?] If you have any Intentions of [ever coming out?] this fall will be the time b[ring b?]lankets, Pewter knives and forks, . . . do Common Brown L[inen?] . and large India Handkf. with large Blue Handkf of a large Kinde wool Hatts Nankeens Blue Cottons Blue Nankeens and all kinde of Tools such as Screwaugers chysells Handsaws Drawing Knives, and all kinde of tooles for a Carpenter all these things will command at wholesale 40 p Ct from the New York price provided they are well bought. I am told Mr Phelps has a large quantity of India goods If so maybe he would furnish your Son with an adventure but in all these things take into Consideration that a Return cannot be mad[e] Short of twelve month. I have mention these things to [you?] that you might make use of the[m] [as you thou?]ght proper I pray you to [offer my best respec?]ts to my Sister and also Miss ! . all her friends are well

M Austin [Rubric]

NB If you [ever expect to co?]me to this Country [come now?] [s]end me the Dried c[orn?] [I mention ?]ed to you.

[Addressed:] Doctor Aaron Elliott Killingworth Connet.