Moses Austin to Unknown, Date Unknown

Summary: Letter to Stephen F. Austin's tutor.

Your favour was handed me by Mr Penneman on his arrival at this place. I am fully sattisfied with the arrangement Mr Penneman has made respecting my son Stephen, the great distance Colchester is from this Country rendered it impossible for me to give any absolute opinion to Mr. Penneman as to the propriety of his choice of Colchester but such is my confidence in my friend that I am sattisfied with the disposition he has made. It cannot but be pleasing to me to here my Boy so well spoken of and I have a hope under your tuition he will give me no reason to repent the confidence I have placed in those to whome I have commited him in charge— I have a dispossition that Stephen should go through the Classicks in short I wish to make him a scholar yet I must confess I have for many years disapproved of spending month[s] and year[s] on the Greek and Hebrew. I never have thought either of those languages of much advantage to a man of business, and as I do not wish my son to make devinity his study, [I should like] as little time spent in Greek and Hebrew as is consistent with the regulations of the Acady- If his talents will justify I wish him for the Barr but I have so many times in my life blamed Fathers for pressing on their sons a profession nature never intended them for that I shall make of him what Nature has best calculated him to be I want him to enter Yale as soon as he is prepared but I have a Request to make which I hope will not interrupt his regular studies and that is: that he may be constantly reminded of the necessity of improving his hand writing— I have a great desire he should write well both as to the hand write and composition— practice will bring writing both easy and pleasing, a Correct mode of thinking both Religious and Political is of consequence and aught to be early implanted in the mind of man I do not wish my son a Bigot in Either, but correct Moral principles is of the first consequence such I trust you will impress on his mind.

I am also disposed to furnish my son money necessary for such expenses as is proper for a young Gentlm in his situation both for clothing and the Pockett Yet I wish my Boy to know that improper uses may be made with money and that any Degree of profligateness will not be tolerated by me you will suffer him to clothe himself sutable for the first circles in Society he will perfect himself in Musick If he has a turn that way

I have transmited to Mr Nath. Bran (?) a Draft for 160$ which I trust has been forwarded to you Majr Hunt I expect will also pay for me 100$ more and I shall take care to forward in Money in Due time for his use In you my D Fr I have full confidence you will act the father and Tuteror and transmitt to me infermation how he progresses in his studies.