William Morrison to Nathan Pusey, 04-04-1806

Summary: Purchase of goods in New Orleans.

Sir You will please to embark on Board the flat boat under the Care of Mr Alexis Panna bound to New Orleans laden with Nine hundred bars of lead and some . . . Pieces makeing together 46000 lb. the Batteau that [I inte]nd to send after you under the Care of Mr Francois Menard a young man who can be of Great Service to you in Orleans from his being acquainted with nearly all the Merchants that you may wish to call on for the Articles you want to send up in the Batteau. Mr Menard is a Careful Sober man and Possesses a high sence of Honor, will never neglect any Charge committted to him. Can assist you in Settling with the men and in engaging any that you may want at Orleans—As well make some enquiry for the Persons you will be in search of in Orleans, Viz Arequoitte, La Doucour and others, I wish you to make sale of all the lead should it bring 7 Cents per lb and employ the Proceeds to the Purchase of the Return Cargo, if the Blocading Decrees should be in force you must make the best sale or Barter of the load in your Power Contract with some person for your lead and let them supply you with the articles you want If nothing else will do Deposit a quantity of lead as Security for anything you bring up and fix the Price of lead if not sold we will hold ourselves responsible for the money next Winter. The Peltry if I should Send any ought to bring at least 30 Cents if no more can be had and if that price Cannot be obtained Ship it to Guy Bryan Esqr Philadelphia and Should no vessel appear Ready to Sail for Philadelphia Ship to either New York or Baltimore to Some house that you either know or that you Get Recommended to by your friends of Orleans. I think Jacob Aster of New York would be the house I would Recommend, In Baltimore John Comerges—Perhaps—It will be necessary [to] observe I wish that you may be able to Procure freight from Orleans to St Louis or to the mouth of Ohio. I would Rather Carry on freight this year than bring a quantity of the Articles herein mentioned the common Price for freight is from 5 to 7 Dollars per 100 lb to this Place. St Louis or to the mouth of the Ohio, and it is also a Custom to Receive the Payment at Orleans or at least half the Amot.

After the Batteau loaded Say about 50,000 weight on board, you Return by the Shortest Route by land and bring with you the Invoice of the Cargo and a Statement of all the Transactions Since you Set out

Keep an Exact account of all the Expenses etc. Should you find it necessary to Remain longer in Orleans so as to Effect the Settlement with those persons on your list and you see a prospect of doing it [I shall?] be Very Glad— Return by the way of Nashville Call on J B Demonbrun for the . . . note as also Settle the amount of feathers left in the hands of George Poyner by Archibald McNabb agreeable to the receipt you are in Possession of—

I shall Give you a letter to Mr Morgan by Mr Menard pr Batteau

Wm Morrison.

Nathan Pusey

[Kaskaskia] April 4th 1806.

Articles Wanted from Orleans

2 Pipes french Brandy

10 hhds red Wine if cheap say not more than 40 Dols

10,000 lb Orlean Sugar

16 Crates earthen ware, Plates, dishes, Bowls, cups. Saucers, tureens, Tea Potts, Sugar Dishes, Cream Jugs etc—

100 Doz 1/2 pint tumblers Glass in Crates etc

1 hhd red wine in Bottles to be drawn off after the wine is Purchased—

2 Bags Corks—

3 Boxes Cigars large size—

1 Barrel Salted Mackrell

Some keggs Cut Nails for Joint Shingles and others for lathing of the Smallest kind they ought not to exceed 15 Cents per lb—

2 Demy Johns lime Juice—

100 lb Allspice—

100 lb peper—

500 lb Steel

1 Barrel Rice besides the Provision for boats