James Gallagher and Sons to Moses Austin, 07-16-1806

Summary: Concerning debt.

Philad. July 16th 1806

Mr Moses Austin


We have been waiting with patience for the amount of your debt due to James Gallagher (decd) which you promis'd to pay at Orleans or forward a draft on Philaa as you mention'd in your letter of the 26th of October 1805. The business with us is this that there is to be a settlement of the Estate of James Gallagher (decd) to take place in next month so that if the account is not paid by that time we must resort to means which would be very disagreeable to your Humble Servants

for the Eexecutors of the Estate of James Gallagher

James Gallagher and Sons [Rubric]

N B On the other side is your account current

Mr Moses Austin

To the Estate or James Gallagher Dr

1796 March 12th To 6 Crates of ware_______________ £120.12.0

" By Or P. W. Gallandets note__________________ £39.10-0

To interest Payable after 6 Months