Moses Austin to Public, xx-xx-1806

Summary: Warning public that his Mine á Breton grant was confirmed, and that John Smith T could not give title for it.



Where as I have been repeatedly Informed that John Smith T. has reported that he has a Concession for some thousand Acres of Land, which he is Authorized to locate on any land in this Territory and that the said John Smith T. has declar'd his Intention to Include my Mine a Burton tract of Land with in his location—

Now be it Known that I shall prosecute to the utmost Extent of the Law, all persons that Commit a Trespass on any part of my Land. Either by cuting timber marking trees or Diging Mineral. I also Declare to all and Every person now Diging Mineral on my Land by permission that I will protect them in the privileges I have promis'd them, Against John Smith T. or any man Acting under his Orders. Also against all and Every person what so Ever, and should the said John Smith T. make any attempt to molest or give any hindrance or to interfear in any wise with the people now Diging on my Land Either by writing personal action or by agent. I will take on myself to Answer the consequence that may arise by treating said notice with silent neglect— I also think proper to notify the Public that I have a Patent right to Three Miles square of Land at the Mine a Burton and that said Title has been acknowledge Complete by the Government of the U States and as such translated by the secretary of the Treasury of the U states to William C Carr Esq. Governmental Agent for Land Claims

[Endorsed.] Notice respecting Trespass on the Mine a Burton Tract Land—