Dan Bissell to Moses Austin, 07-06-1807

Summary: Concerning trip by Mrs. Austin.

Dear Sir

Your favour of the 5th Inst. Came duly to hand—When you, and Mrs Austin Shall arrive,—Every thing, that the nature of the case, will admitt, shall be done to make the intended Journey, Consonant to each of your feeling—

Mr McNair my friend will tell you particularly my Ideas of traveling and, the rout and mode I leave for you, and the ladies to fix, on I Cincerely hope they may be on ther way by the 1st of Augt.—I have written my Colonel for permission to accompany them a little distance—but have little to expect—adeu Mm Bissell Joines me in, complemts to yourself and Lady

Dan Bissell

M Austin Esqr St Gennavie