Timothy Phelps to Moses Austin, 07-22-1807

Summary: Congratulating Austin on his intentions, and advising self-control. Lead business.

St. Genevive 22 July, 1807

Dear Sir

I am happy to learn, by your Letter of the 18th Inst. that you have made so good a determenation— Carry it into complete effect and unquestionably you will derive much satisfaction from it—You have ample means to do these Things, in my Opinion, my Friend, nothing should prevent me from doing it—It will close the mouths of many complaining Persons—If you could form one other resolution and carry that also into effect, I think—your days in future, would pass in peace and quietness—that is, under all circumstances and in all situations do your duty and command yourself, if things work ever so contrary and perverse, dont give way to your Passions, but make the best of it—every thing can be effected by resolution—this mode of conduct is the most satisfying you may depend—I know by experience—I write with the freedom of a friend, who feels a lively interest in your welfare—I have recd. no order from you for Mr. Perkins Lead, nor heard any thing before of one. Last Saturday Mr. Burns presented one for 1000 lb. from Mr. Perkins, which was paid— I had also taken some from his parcels thank fortune there was enough left to pay Burns's order—therefore if Perkins dont call for what I have taken of his Lead, you may make yourself easy about paying me at present—We will attend to sending you a barrel of Salt as Soon as possible—Mr. Oliver and his Rib are snugly at housekeeping and appear happy and contented—I have no doubt will experience the great difference between a matrimonial life and his former mode of living—The papers you wish'd are inclosed—give my best respects to your Family etc—Friends here all [well]

T. Phelps.

N. B. You have not yet given me your terms of rent—The Store and Cellar separately and the rest of the House— If my Brother has not already recd- the Lead due me from Mr. Pawley I wish you to tell him to get away immediately I understand there is an execution against him—