Timothy Phelps to Moses Austin, 08-06-1807

Summary: General business; Austin's interests.

St. Genevieve 6. Augt. 1807

Dear Sir

Have you lost confidence in all your Friends ? You appear determined not to correspond with any don't suffer yourselves to go into the other extreem, and distrust every one—I know, by experience, the great bulk of them, who make the warmest Professions, are totally destitute of sincerity, espetially if a Person happens to be unfortunate but still, there are some few, who merit confidence.—

I should like to hear from you, I feel an interest in your welfare you may depend—I should like to know how you come on, when you calculate to go to Kentucky etc—From report it appears, Young Hammond, is in troubled water at the Mines, I hope he will have Prudence and resolution to extricate himself with honor.— If the reign of Terror at the Mines is to last, nothing would enduce me to live there, I am sure nothing like enjoyment is to be found there.—

I am told, Mr. Bibb, from Kentucky, who left here this morning for the Mines, has gotten a very good Gigg for sale and had you not better purchase it of him? You will find it very convenient in this Country. I think you had best get away your Corn from this Village. It is not gaining in Quantity you may depend— Had you not better get some of your Hollow Ware out also? You are losing the Sale of it, appears to me—The 25 bars of Lead, I had deliver'd directly to Mr. Spencer, to whom it was to go, he gave the Teamster a Receipt for it—I have heard nothing from home, this four weeks— What can be the reason I am at a loss to determine— I shall make arrangement to get my Family and Horace Austin and his Family to Pittsburgh there I calculate, you will meet the whole party and accompany them down the River—Give my love to the Family

T. Phelps

N. B. The Sqaws have done your skins, shall I sell them and at how much?