Charles Elliot to Moses Austin, 08-11-1807

Summary: Furs, corn, lead.

St Genevieve Aug 11th 1807

Dr Sir

I send by Ralph those dressd Skins 44 in number all in one package so that they cannot get lost— Also 35 Bear and wolf Skins— some of the Bear Skins I was under the necessity of putting under the corn to prevent its wasting— the corn which is loose in the waggon is 28 Bushels of ears good Measure— that in casks I did not think it necessary to Measure— and should Ralph use [any] on the road the quantity can be ascertained by measuring.

The quantity of Lead deliverd on your account from Lead deposited here by J Perkins is 659 lb for Francois Janies—that which was borowed by Mr. Phelps—is returned— Exclusive of the corn deliverd Ralph for the mines, he has taken one Bushel of shelled corn for his horses here—

Chs Eliott [Rubric]

[Added in a different hand:]

3 kettels 3 potts 3 Bake pans 2 Spiders with Covers Ralph has taken Eight Bushel Corn for his use

[Addressed:] Mr. Moses Austin Mine a Burton Pr Ralph