Horace Austin to Moses Austin, 08-24-1807

Summary: Prospect of war with England.

Augt 24th [1807]

I yesterday received your letter by Mr Ruggles—yours which you mention as having sent by Mail, has not yet come to hand—

I have not yet heard anything from Austin Elliot— I shall expect him daily—Aunt has not yet arrived here— I hope to see her very soon. When Austin arrives, it will take but a short time for me to get ready to go on—I should have been ready before this time, if I had had anything to do with. I shall endeavour to procure the articles you mentioned—I think I shall be able to get them all, and shall have them [put up in] the best manner possible—

I have written to Stephen this day, and requested him to write you immediately.—I have been cautious not to mention to anyone, (except Mrs A. Mrs Richard, and her Son,) what my expectations are in moving to Louisiana.— Charles appears very friendly, but it is possible (as you mention) that he may endeavour to stop any funds he may know came from you—I shall endeaveour that he shall know nothing about it— He is at present in very ill health, and has gone in the Country to recruit— I dont think he will trouble anybody much longer—I received a letter some time since from Capt. Bissel,— He had not been able to obtain a furlough, and did not expect to come on this Summer with Mrs B— He informed me that Capt Smith had sold his claims at the Mines, for Ten thousand Dollars— If so, ho did not make so much disturbance last Winter for nothing he got well paid for it— I shall inform you from time to time, of our progress in getting away

H. Austin [Rubric]

Mrs Richards desires to be particularly remem'd to you.— We shall undoubtedly have a War with England.— They are fortifying the Harbour of New York, and putting all the Sea Ports in the best state of defense

The British in Canada, are Sending all their Artillery and sloops to Quebec, and are determined to defend it to the last, expecting that the first attack from the United States will be in that Quarter— It is unnecessary for me to say more, as you will probably get all the newes through the Papers.— I see by the Papers that Major Wescot is arrested as a Burrite.—