Timothy Phelps to Moses Austin, 11-28-1807

Summary: Travel. Commerce.

Louisville 28. Novr. 1807.

Dear Sir

I arrived here Tuesday after noon and to my great disappointment found Mrs. Phelps had gone on the day before—Perhaps it is all for the best, at any rate it is my duty to believe so—They were comfortable and well and in a new kind of Boat, in which I am told they can ascend the Mississippi. I hope it is true. Intend, early in next week, to return to Louisiana, by Land by way of the red Banks to Lust Ferry and so home. I think that I shall arrive before them— Funk has not yet arrived tho, daily expected—I have it in contemplation to purchase a negro wench about 15 years old, Mr. Hunter thinks I can get her for $300. You know there is no such thing as getting a servant of that kind in Louisiana if I should purchase, I shall take your Shott and give orders for mine to be delivered to you, when arrived here—as yet I can find no market for Shott or Lead—I am told there is no difficulty in getting it carted to Lexington for 3/ pr. cw. I shall send on your Lead by the first waggon, if any offers before I leave this—if not, I shall leave directions with my Friend Gilley, to forward it on, as well as the 2000 of shott when it arrives—I find the mail goes only once a week to Lexington, of course, I can't get a Letter from you after to Morrow—you will probably get another from me before I start—I order'd my Shott shipped to the care of Messrs. Bullets—I shall now give them directions to deliver them and what Letters, etc may come on to Mr. Gilley—who will advise you whenever they arrive—I presume you will return this way, I wish you therefore to bring with you whatever Letters etc are for me—My best respects to Mrs Austin and Mr. Carrs Family—

T. Phelps

Amt. Freght to Date________ 87. 82 Paid you—50 lead-—23.7 " Dale—-64.75 ____________114. 75 Cash—64.75 ________________ 87. 82 Recd of Mr Gwathmey_________ 125 Balance due you ____________$10. 25

If you should Purchased any goods I wish you to furnish the following articles for me to sell on yr. acct— 20 Bbls Whiskey 10 " Peach Brandy 20 pr best Boots, black tops with a Tassel in front 40 pr. best Mens Shoes 40 pr. womens Morrocco, Black, green, blue mostly black one Ton of good Iron one Cask, each of 4d. 6d. 8d. and 10d. cut nails— $200 worth of Crockery—great proportion Plates, Bowls and cups and saucers (mostly green edged plates and large sized cups and saucers—2 sizes only of Plates— $100 in Tinware Some Stone ware— any quantity of Country Linen and striped Cotton Cloth—

NB. I am disappointed in not getting a letter from you this Evening—as I can,t hear from now at this place no mail coming again, till next Saturday

[Addressed:] Moses Austin Esquire Lexington Kentucky