Henry Austin to Moses Austin, 07-18-1808

Summary: The embargo.

New York 18th July 1808

. . . Corp told me yesterday that he would sell Led he has on Commission from New Orleans at 8%— If I get possession of yours I shall not sacrifice it at such price. If the Embargo continues a 12 month War with England need not be fear'd, that Government seem disposed to obey the orders of Bonaparte, yet they dare not do it, since England has manifested a determination, not to go to War, with us, unless absolutely compel'd to do so— Popularity falls from the Administration, like the withered leaves of the Forest, before the rude Blasts of Autumn— The Osage has arrived and report sais that Mr Pinkney has expressed an opinion that the British Ultimatum brought by her, will be axcepted by our Government— The Embargo ruins us all here it will strip me of half my hard earned Property.

[Henry Austin]