Seth Hunt to Moses Austin, 07-20-1808

Summary: Business in New Orleans.

New Orleans, July 20th, 1808

Dear Sir,

It has not been in my power to procure for you the articles that you requested—they could have been obtained had I been authorised to have drawn on Chs. Carr at six months—but nothing could be done, to pay in N Orleans at nine months—the shortest time at which you authorised me to engage for you, I regret all this, as you may in consequence be much disappointed.—

Inclosed is the memorandum of Mr. Meriaults acct., handed me by Capt. Sterrett, which it was my intention to have inclosed to you in my letter of Saturday.—

Tomorrow Morning I sail in the ship Orleans for Philadelphia I shall write you from thence, immediately after my arrival.

I have nothing to add to my former observations—but to request that you will keep me regularly and fully informed on all the subjects in which I am interested in Louisiana—Pray what has become of Smiths suit against me?

Compliments to all our friends—and accept for yourself the renewed assurance of my high Esteem and personal attachment—

Seth Hunt.

Moses Austin