Moses Austin to Seth Hunt, 07-25-1808

Summary: Contract for purchase of goods in England for Austin.

July 25 [1808]

Dear Sr

Your favour under date June 6 from New Orleans came to hand two days sence and I loose no time in Answering it I have examined the contract in my hands for the Shipment of Merchandise from England and find it thus expressed "the following premiums and commissions as a compensation for his time trouble risque of losses and personal Expences that may be hazard'd or incured in making such purchases and guaranteeing the payment thereof, that is to say he the said Austin will allow and pay to the said Hunt—Two and half pr Cent Commission on all goods Wares etc that may be purchased and shiped by him on account of the said Austin with five pr cent for his guaranteing the payment therefor and five pr. Cent. more thereon in lieu of any interest or concern whatever in the business in america"—

Notwithstanding the defects in the contract spoken of by you do not exist in the one in my hands yet to remove all doubt I have annexed an Article to this letter Which will I trust satisfy you and such is the situation of our Post Office—Arrangement that I shall send Duplicates in due time to meet you in New York—directed to the care of your friend Gen Baily—I have nothing of moment to relate at this time things stand as When you left us—

M. Austin


Know $11 men by these presents that where as Seth Hunt Esqr lately of the district of Saint Genevieve and Moses Austin of the Township of Breton did enter into an agreement under date of [undecipherable] day of Feby 1808 respecting shipment of goods Wares and Merchandize from Europe to Louisiana for the account and risque of the said Austin as therein stipulated and Where as said Agreement is intended to secure to him the said Hunt compensation—in all equal to Twelve and half pr cent on all Purchases he shall make and ship to him the said Austin conformable to said Agreement

Now should the agreement in the hands of the said Hunt, be so expressed as not to secure to him Two and half per Cent on purchases mad and five pr cent for garentee of said purchase also five pr cent more on said purchase in leu of any Interest in the business—in America in all Twelve and half pr cent Be it known and remembered in such case that I do— agree and delair that I will allow to him the, said Seth Hunt Twelve and half pr cent on all the purchais and shipments he shall make under said agreement of the 17 day of Feby—1808—and I do by these presents acknowledge this memorandum to be a part of the original agreement—

In witness to which I have hereunto sett my hand and Seal this twenty fift day of July 1808

[Endorsed:] Copy Letter and agreement to Seth Hunt July 25. 1808 N. York