John G. Bond to Moses Austin, 05-01-1809

Summary: Lead and bills of exchange.

Keene [N. H.] May 1, 1809.

Moses Austin Esqr.

Dear Sir:

I expect, long before this you have red a line written by our friend S. Hunt Esqr datd Jany. 30 1809 informing you of having forwarded to Messrs Barton and Worts, Mess. Bellows and Cochran letter of Credit. As no bills have yet been presented for acceptance to Mess Bellows and Cochran I have thot it possible Mr Hunts letter [has not reached] you. However by applying to Messrs Barton and Worts you will find I have made arrangements for you to draw on My friends Messrs Bellows and Cochran for 7000 Dollars in drafts, not exceeding 3000 dols each. As yet I have not learnt what kind of Lead will answer best at our Market—therefore you will be governed by your own judgment until I write you again on the subject I expect you will write me and enclose an instrument binding yourself, that I shall receive One half of the nett proceeds of the Lead business in the consideration of having furnished funds for you to draw for in prosecuting [the] business. I like your arrangement much and I believe with you that if this business is rightly managed we can make [some money] for ourselves— [You will not forget] always to ensure the lead before it starts from St. Genevieve.

Jn° G Bond

Moses Austin Esqr St. Genevieve, Louisiana.