Moses Austin to Seth Hunt, 05-03-1809

Summary: Concerning trade with England.

[May 3, 1809]

My Dear friend [Seth Hunt]

Your several letters, both from Keene and Washington City have arrived by When I tell you they all came by the same mail and that not untill Two days past you will say that the old evil exists in the Post office establishment. I have this day Written your friend John G. Bond esq—also Mess. Bellows and Cochran Boston, and have taken steps to place myself in cash but I shall make the first shipment from my own funds—not being able to put my Bills into Cash in time—I hope and trust I Shall give you no cause to change your good Opinion of me, as to abstract speculations I have not an intention to make any, Herculaneum will call so much of my Attention as Will answer my Interest and not any further— its situation will make it rise, I thank you for advice I am never above taking it from a friend I am fully of your opinion that a faithfull execution of contracts and a prompt discharge of engage- ment makes the man and creates confidence, at my time of life I ought to Know this truth—believing as I do that an Accomodation between England and America will take place I have enclos'd to Genl Baley to be forward'd to you covering an Order for such goods as I have Suppos'd safe to Order at this time. I have thought it adviseable to have them ship'd to New York rather than Orleans as I shall be in New York about the time they may arrive suppose you make the arrangement and the communication is open between England and the U. S. You will therefore ship them to the care of Archibald Austin New York— I shall take care to have provision made to secure the duties—You will remember to have insurance made in London— I have not time now to say more as the mail is about to close I shall Write you and- communicate such things as may immediately touch our Interest You will I trust write me from both England and france

Austin and Charles Elliott returned home this day all friends are well except Mrs. Penniman who is no more—

M Austin

[Endorsed:] Copy of Letters to Mess Hunt H B and H Bellows & Cochran and J. G Bond etc