Moses Austin to Hart, Barton, and Hart, 05-03-1809

Summary: Bills of exchange and lead.

Mine a Burton May 3, 1809

Mess Hart Barton and Hart [Lexington, Ky.]

Gentl I have eclos'd to you Drafts on the House of Mess. Bellows and Cochran Boston for five thousand Dollars— Which Drafts I request you to forward on to your friends in New York— to be by them forwarded on to Boston for acceptance and When accepted to have them discounted in New York if such a thing can be done Which I make not a doubt provided the House in Boston is of sufficient standing to justify such a confidence in them. It is my Wish that this money may be plac'd to your Cr in New York and that you accomodate me with the amount in Lexington Which If the Bills are found good may be of no small advantage the object of this establishment is for the shipment of large quantities of Lead to Boston and I shall want a friend in Orleans to receive and [forward] shipments of Lead from that place either to Boston or New York as may best answer the objects of this Establishment it is intended to extend the business of shipping Lead from this Country wherefore it becomes our object to know on What terms your House in Orleans will receive and forward Lead for the account of Myself and friends

I know that Bills on New York and Philadelphia have sold in Lexington at an advance of from lp to 2 pre If the arrangements I have mentioned should be faithfully executed I think great and mutual advantage will result from this business— my object is to carry it into immediate Execution and as soon as you can obtain information how they are rec'd you will give me information. Money in this County is of Great consequence and I may say greater than in any I have been acquainted With there being no such thing as accomodations in the money Way— in consequence of which Money is of high Value— I Wrote you yesterday respecting the lead at the Mouth of the Ohio— I can engage a Boat to take it on board on condition it is not taken away before she arrives— I again mention that to have deliver'd the Lead at the mouth of the Ohio, by the first day of March was rendered out of the question from the State of the season, I therefore hope and trust you will not attach blame to me on that account. It is always my Wish to execute my engagement prompt [ly] and with good faith, and in this light I wish you to consider my intentions in this transaction the Barge the took the Lead to the Ohio could not take on board the full amount that is the 40 thousand— trusting that you Will be so good as to give me immediate information as to the fate of my draft and what accomodation you can make for me in Lexington and on what terms you will receive them

[Moses Austin.]