Moses Austin to Bellows and Cochran, 05-03-1809

Summary: Same topics as in preceding letter.

Saint Genevieve May 3, 1809

Gentl [Bellows & Cochran]

in consequence of an Arrangement made and concluded by my friend Seth Hunt on My account [with] Mr John G Bond Esq and also a Copy of your letter to Mess. Hart Barton and Hart Lexington—inclos'd to me by my friend Maj. Hunt— I have made arrangements to carry the contemplated business into immediate execution

I have therefore this day Draw[n] on you in favor of Messr Hart Barton and Hart for four thousand Which is the Amount I shallt draw for at this time and in short untill the fate of my Draft are know[n] I shall [not] Draw nor, do I expect to Draw a Dollar on the Bills untill that information is recd-this Determination I have taken for two reasons first because I can make the first Shipment without the ade of the amount Drawn for secondly because the Bank in Lexington will not discount Bills at 120 Days unless at a discount of 2 1/2 pr Cent— therefore I have submitted to a delay rather than to submit to a Discount my Draft are of two thousand Each, Drawn @ 120 and 135, Days— I have this day Written Mr Bond on this Subject and I trust common Interest will induce each party concerned in this transaction to act with Honor and faithfully execute the several engagements— assumed to each I have to complain of great delay in receipt of my friend Hunts letters in consequence of the mal arrangment of the Post office establishment in the quarter its but a few days since I recd Maj Hunt letters did not reach me until a day or Day past—

[Moses Austin.]