Hart, Barton and Hart to Moses Austin, 07-18-1809

Summary: Banking; lead sales. Stephen F. Austin at college.

Lexington, July 18th, 1809.

Mr. Moses Austin,

mine a Burton,



Your favor of 20th ultimo was received by your son, on the 15th instant. On the same day, we received from our friends in New York, your d'fts on Messrs. Bellows and Cochran of Boston, under acceptance.

Conformably to your instructions, we endeavoured to exchange them with our Banks, for post notes; but failed. Their principal objection appears to be, to the long sight at which they are drawn. We shall hold them untill this objection is removed, and (unless in the interim, otherwise instructed,) then make another attempt, in which we are not without hopes of success. The result, whether propitious, or the contrary, shall be forthwith communicated to you. We are not informed what part of your lead [undecipherable abbreviation] has been sold in New Orleans. So soon as we receive Mesrs. Hart Bartlet and Cox's assales [sic], we shall be enabled to ascertain whether there will be any balance in your favor, or not. Should there be any thing due you, it shall be paid over to your son, as your request, and we will cheerfully afford him any aid in our power, in the settlement [of] your business here, we will also with pleasure furnish what supplies he may need, during his stay in Lexington,

Hart, Barton and Hart