Timothy Phelps to Moses Austin, 12-26-1809

Summary: Moses Austin leasing a house to Timothy Phelps.

[Artic]les of agreement entered into [between] Mr [Mo]ses Austin on the one part and Timothy Phelps [on] the [other] Part witnesseth the said Austin agrees to let to [the sa]id [Phel]ps for the Term of one year, from the first day of January next, his House and Lot and the Building, thereon standing which he owns in St Genevieve, being the same Premises, which Horace Austin lately occupied— He also agrees, next Spring (as early as Possible) to have that Part of the Lot, around the House, inclosed with a Suitable Fence or Pickets. The Said Phelps agrees on his part to Pay Said Moses Austin, Two hundred Dollars for said Years rent, Payable every quarter in Cash or Lead— He also agrees to Pay the expence of making said Fence etc. as above mentioned and Pay a small Account to Thomas Newberry, which is to apply in Payment of the first rent. Said Phelps also agrees to return the House in as good repair as he receives it, acts of God excepted— He also agrees, when Mr Austin is in St Genevieve to accommodate him in the room, lately occupied by him, in company with such Person, who may be in Possession of it. also Stable room for his Horses while there.

St Genevieve 26th Decr 1809

Timothy Phelps [Rubric] [seal.] for Moses Austin

H[orace] Austin [Rubric] [seal.]

Signed and Sealed in presence of Tho Oliver.