Dudley R. Tinker to Evans and Shields, 07-08-1811

Summary: Dudley R. Tinker to Evans and Shields.

Briants Mines July the 8 1811

Friend Evins and Shealds

Sirs I have once more the pleasur of writing to you from the mines and can inform you that I have Engoied health Sence I saw you Last and am Sorry to be informed that Mr Sealds has had what might be cauld A Velvit tuch of the ague but am informd that he is on the mend—

I hav naughting in particlar to mention more than the indians are very troublesome in the Nabourhood of Kaskaskias it is Said that they have kild two or three famylis withen Six miles of the Said place—

Dudley E Tinker

P S Sirs I wish if you havit in your power, that you would spair me Cherry plank anuf to make two or three tables for my one use as I hav not any as yet to use and if you can and will Send it in by the first opertunity you will much obleage yours—

1 table 3 feet 10 inches Long and 2 of 2 feet 10

Dudley R Tinker

[Addressed:] Mr James C. Shealds Mine A Burton