Stephen F Austin to James Bryan, 12-30-1813

Summary: Boat for sale.

Hercn. Decr. 30th 1813

Dr Brother,

In consequence of not arriving here in time to Hammonds I was compelled to go St. Louis — whence I did not return [until] yesterday evening

On my arrival here I found a Mr Bent (Brother of Judge Bent) who has a keel Boat to Sell in which I think a good bargain may be had and have therefore sent out this express to inform you of the terms that you may embrace them if you think proper

The Boat is of Thirty-Seven (37) Tons, built in Pittsburgh last fall, and very strong, and well built, and may be had for Six Hundred Dollars, one Hundred down, and the Balance in Pittsburgh She will make a very good Barge with a little expense and is about the proper size for an Orleans Barge,—Boats are in demand in St Louis and I think the one which you got from Morrison may be sold well for cash—

This Boat is the same that Wilson purchased for 525 Dollars but Bent refuses to let him have it She is coverd about 15 feet only and with . . . rigging,

I give you this information that [you] may do as you think proper I have made no engagements with him if [you] take the Boat it will be necessary to send to Elias, or come in, immediately as Bent, wishes to sell her and will do it in St. Louis. Mr Bent will wait here untill Monday morning to hear from you.

I go to Kaskaskia this day tho [I] shall not get there untill tomorrow Col. Hammonds has been offered (3000) Three Thousand Dollars for Herculaneum by Smith and Von Phal, and also by Genl. Clark and Genl. Howard in partnership to whom he will sell if you and Morrison do not take it— I shall state the terms to Morrison and bring out his answer

Tell Father that the Bank is progressing agreeable to his last Plan.

S. F. Austin

J Bryan Esqr

I think you had better not do anything with this Boat without coming in yourself to look at her


[Addressed:] James Bryan Esquire Hazle Run Missouri pr Jerry