Yeatman and Anderson to Moses Austin, 03-20-1814

Summary: Establishing lead manufactory and want to make contracts for purchase of crude lead.

Cincinnati 20 March 1814

Mr Moses Austin

Mine Au Burton


We are concerned in the establishment of a White and Red Lead Manufactory at this place, and are authorized by the Company to make contracts for the Crude Lead.

You are largely interested in the mines; we would therefore be glad to know on what terms you would make an engagement to deliver Lead at this place or at St. Gennevieve, or at any other place you might Suggest, proportioning the price accordingly,—say 20 to 200 Tons on this side of Christmas. The establishment is calculated to go into complete operation by the 1st. September, and partially in 3 or 4 months hence.

If it would suit you to agree with us, we wish you to State price, place or places of delivery, what proportion of our Country produce or what articles you would be willing to take in exchange, and in what way you would be willing to receive them—that is, whether at a price you will mention, or at an estimated value at the time of delivery. It would be necessary to know also the periods nearly at which we might Calculate on receiving the Lead.

We have a former Correspondence with Messrs. Saml. and John Perry, and shall write to them also by this mail on the same subject. As we are acting for a company, we are the More desirous to hear the propositions of two sources. Be good enough to let us hear from you as soon as you conveniently can.

Yeatman and Anderson [Rubric]