Moses Austin to James Bryan, 09-02-1814

Summary: Purchase of negroes.

Durham Hall Sepr. 2th 1814

Dear Son

Captain Morgan has returned from St Genevieve and has recd. letters from Scott to Colo [Anthony] Butler in which he has made such a mention of the sufficiency of the security of myself and you and Stephen that little Doubt remains of obtaining the Negroes and Captain Morgan starts on the morrow for St Louis and immediately returns to Herculanium and If you intend he shall have the Horse you mentiond. It will be necessary for you to make all the haste you can in sending him to that place to meet Captain Morgan on his return I have stipulated with Captain Morgan to take 30 Negros on five years Credit 20 for myself and 10 for you but If he cannot obtain the number calculated we are to take as many less as to make half the number purchased for me 1/4 for you 1/4 for Captain Morgan in all to be 48 or 50 Negroes: 20 for me 10 for you 8 Captain Morgan and 10 for Wilkenson but as Wilkenson is not known in the purchase we are to each give of from the Number so as to give him a share, you will let Stephen know respecting the Horse immediately on the receipt of this letter— Mr. Wilkenson has his lead ready and wants Morgans Only you must make all the expedition in your power to have yours ready or you will loose the freight and you know that will greatly disappoint us in our arrangements Captain Morgan will be at Herculaneum on Sunday evening and will go on to St Louis immediately the family are mending

Moses Austin [Rubric]

[Addressed:] Mr. James Bryan Hazel Run