Moses Austin to James Bryan, 11-25-1814

Summary: Lead, negroes, and supplies.

Durham Hall Novr 25 1814

My Dear Son

This will be handed you by Mr Frizzel a Gentleman from Boston Mr Frizzel wishes to Purchase Lead. I have told him that I could Not Sell any but that I thought you would I have therefore refer'd him to you I have wrote Mr Henry Schell that the money promices [promised] should be sent him in ten days, the Waggon Starts this morning in companey with Been Brown the Lead She takes I sold to Mr Wilkinson to send on to Stephen and I have sent of John J Bricky to RussellsVille to see Stephen and help him should he make the purchase. I had to send to Cape to engage my Pork an article I find will be difficult to obtain this year and I thought best to make safe in time I am told Pork can be contracted for at or Near Eathmans ferry on the Mississippia which would be with in 4 Days of Stephen and I have given New instructions to him on the Subject of Negroes which I am determin'd to take at about 24 Thousand for 52 this will bring the Men at 600 Dollars Women at 500 Children from 200 275 and 300 In consiquence I have sent forward proper Securety for the Negroes. If Ever there was a time that would Justify a high Price for Negroes It's at this moment Lead must be up the demand is great and 750 is given. If you can sell Lead for 800 Dollars I think I can make out the balance If Scott doth Not disappoint me as I have sent on money to Stephen you will not send any I have also Bought myself a Horse which will answer me for 60 Dollars—Stapels may come as soon as he pleases, all well at the Hall Expect you in a few days I hope Mr Elias Bates has much mend'd and that things goes on much better at Herculaneum

I wish you to see If you can make a Contract for Corn If I can Purchase Corn at Herculaneum It will save all the Hawling as the Waggon could bring back a return Load with this expense I am inclined to think Stephen will make the Purchase of Negroes and in that case many buffelow Robs will be wanted and much provisions I shall want 600 bushells for Bread alone and 10 Thousand pound for Pork—You know that in the payments to Henry Sckell the Silver must be taken and If Nothing better could be don I think we could Exchange 800 Dollars with Mr Duglass at St. Louis

Mr Haskal wrote Mr Elliott that he wanted a school—you may tell him that a school can be obtained for him on that subject Mr Elliott has wrote him

[Addressed:] Mr James Bryan Herculaneum

Moses Austin