Elias Bates to Moses Austin, 09-10-1815

Summary: Commerce.

Herculaneum Septr—10th 1815

Dear Sir

Messrs Murphy and Heartgrove have Delevd Murphy 60 Barrs 2469lb Heartgrove 77 Barrs—3208lb—also the Barrells which I shall attend to—Mr Bryant Says that you may have what Leather you want for hides; Sole leather 33 1/3 Cents Upper leathers from 250 to 4 Dollars per Side—you may send the hides when they get dry and as soon as possable I shall not sell any of your Lead that is not allready Disposed of untill I here from you—please to inform me what is the price of Lead at St Genevieve. Mr Ellis has sent you 3 Barrels Cyder they Contain 40 Gall Each and wishes you to Sell them and reserve the Barrels if you can and send them in

E Bates [Rubric]

Mr Horace Austin has sent you a Barrel of Apples which you will receive by Murphy

E Bates

Recevd of Elias Bates for Acct of Moses Austin Three Dollars

Herculaneum Sept 10th—1815

Francis (his x mark) Murphy

[Addressed:] Mr Moses Austin Mine A Burton