Moses Austin to James Bryan, 01-31-1816

Summary: General business.

Mine a Burton Jany 31 [1816?]

Dear Son

You will suppose that I have Neglected the return of your horse, but the extreem Cold Weather has prevented. I wished to send to you a Boy to remain with you, but I was absolutely doubtfull he would git some injury, by Cold, but this day is something More Moderate and I have Concluded to trust him with your horse I hope he may arrive safe We have Not heared a word from you since the Doct. returned I hope to God you have again recovered so as to be yourself again, can you send a load of Lead to Mr Bates I must raise the Money for the Cape or I shall be in real distress. Mr Bates has made Use of all the Lead I have sent him Except the last smelt, and I have paid Captain Morgan 139 Dollars and to Stephen 150 Dollars to send to Kty which has so distressed me that I Shall I am fearfull suffur much unless I make up the money Immediately and to make things worse the furnace is so damaged she must be mended before I can make any more Lead and the General Courts meet at this place in four Weeks. I shall be really distressed my pork has taken up about 350 Dollars all these things has press.d me greatly If you can send a load to Mr Bates it will help greatly

I hope you mky be in a situation to Visit us this Week If the Weather will admitt.

Moses Austin [Rubric]

N. B. Stephen has had the measles but is now nearly well again your mother is as common—this extreem cold Weather put Business back greatly


[Addressed] Mr. James Bryan Hazel Cottage