Moses Austin to Emily Bryan, 10-12-1816

Summary: Sending a slave girl. Concerning bank stock.

Durham Hall Octbr 12 1816

Dear Child

I have an opportunity to send Mary Austin down to you I hope she may be of some help Your Mother will be with you I suppose in a Day or [two] and will say everything to you resp[ecting] Mary, that will be necessary When[ever] you think proper I will send her back ... I do intend to visit you While your Mother is with you If I can, but I am a Slave that can only leave home only when my Master says the word—Which is not many times a year. [Tell Mr] Bryan that he can sell I think all his Shares in St Genevieve that he doth not wish to hold in the bank I hope he may however hold Ten at least Mr Arther told me yesterday that Henry Elliott would take some of them [should] he make a visit to St Genevieve I think he could sell as many as he wishes and should he do so the Bill of Sale he makes is such as —I have inclosed which is all he Wants— I intend to make you a complimt of five shares as soon as I can I wish I could make out the money Now kiss the Dear Boy for me and give my love and respects to Mr Bryan

Moses Austin

I do not wish any of my family should refuse To pay up such shares as they may hold and When the Bank is under way it will be of great advantage to—all of—us—


[Addressed:] Mrs Emily Bryan Hazel Cottage