Moses Austin to James Bryan, 07-05-1817

Summary: Bank of St. Louis.

Herculaneum July 5 1817

Dear Son

I inclose to you 100 Dollars in Bank Notes which I drew out of Bank and that is all I can Draw at this time the situation of the Bank is, such, that Money cannot be had, on your Note I have obtained a discount—but cannot draw money from the Bank I got Mr Smith the Cashier to lett me have 139. Dollars which I send you the 50 to Mr Bates I shall settle, and the Balance of your note I think I can draw next Week—but the cause of all this difficulty is in consequence of the Bank of Missouri having made a run of our Bank and they have agents out to purchase up all our Notes this has stopped all notes of Ours going out untill things become a little settled then I can draw the Balance as to Dollars is out of the question McDonald must take Bank notes or he cannot be paid. I would not have you to Draw Dollars from the Bank now not for, 50 pr C-t it would ruin us both in as much as every exertion is making by the Bank of Missouri to run us down and I would not obtain a Dollar but by the friendship of Mr. Smith and If a hundred Dollars was to be called for and by you it would ruin our C-t in the Bank— but be assured as soon as money can be had you shall have it . . .

Moses Austin.

[Addressed:] Mr. James Bryan Hazel Run