Moses Austin to James Bryan, 08-31-1817

Summary: Commerce. Financial stringency.

Hereulaneum Aug 31th 1817

My Dear Son

I returned yesterday from St Louis and after trying every man now in town I made out to sell the Whiskey to Mr Hanly at 70 Cents payable in 8 Days Which will be by Wednesday Next—better I could Not do. Mr Glenn the Contractor had rec'd a quantity of Whiskey from Kentucky, and would Not take it so that I had to sell as I could. I had a conversation With Colo Hammond, he says that he will place 800 Dollars in Bank for you—but as yet he has not don so—not a Dollar has been paid Except the difference—between 500 and 400 I left him Verry sick—I send to you Bapt as an Express with a Note enclosed to be renued The Note you gave with Joseph Bonny is Due 3 of Sept and a New-Note must be in Place by that time—I put Mr John Andrews Name in the Note—but If you do Not Wish him to endorse your Note you can Draw an Other note and put on any Person you Please but as Mr Andrews is known I think you had better take him this Note must be returned by the Morrow Evenig Mr Glenn will take all the Beef you have at 4 Dollars and pay the expence to bringing them to St-Louis its as much as can be had at this time and as Mr Coxes Note will be due in Octbr had you not better Collect up all you can and send them immediately up. If he takes them they must be had with out delay Beef is plenty and can be had at less price soon. Mr Hall will take his Supply of flower from you if good flower will be low at Orleans its now 7 Dollars and falling it will soon be 550 at St Louis Hall will give 8 and I think 850 for all that can be sent in in two week. I see flower sells at St. Louis at 250 pr Hundred in Sacks and good flower—produce of every kind will be Down as soon as New Crops comes into Market, and If you wish to raise money from Produce push it forward to Markett as soon as you can—lett me pray you to return your Note on the morrow as it must be at Bank on Wedensday or you will be protested the 50 Dollars discount I will have paid the Money for Donnal will come next discount Day from Mr. Henley

Moses Austin

If Mr Bryan is not return'd Mrs Bryan will send to Mr Andrews and State to him the necessity of the note being returned to Me on the morrow and at the same time tell him that his name being on the note is for forms sake and that as the Note is Made payable to him and you by Mr Bryan Mr Bryan is bound For the [amount?]