Robert Pogue to Heerl and Pogue, 12-09-1817

Summary: Introducing Stephen F. Austin, who goes to Baltimore to buy goods.

Herculanium Decem 9th 1817


This will be presented to you by my friend Mr Austin of this place. As my friend is now about to purchase goods for his establishment I have thought proper to direct his attention towards our house, I can safely recommend Mr Austin to be a Gentlemen of respectability and worthy of Cr and hope the concern will hold out such inducements as will be advisable for him to open an a/c, which no doubt will be exonerated in due season.

As it has been some years since Mr. Austin has been in our eastern parts, therefore any services rendered and attention shewn will be considered as done to

Robt Pogue

To Messrs. S Heerl (?) and J Pogue Merchants Baltimore