Stephen F. Austin to William M. O'Hara, 03-04-1818

Summary: New Madrid land certificates.

Herculanium March 4, 1818.

Dr. Friend

My Brother James B. Austin will hand you this by whom you can send the paper for me- I expect to start from here in the course of next week, but have some business yet unfinished that will require my presence at the mines. I have a favor to ask of you which will greatly oblige me, and hasten my departure, which is of great consequence to us both - that is to lend me one hundred and fifty Dollars for ten days, - I have money owe me from various sources which will come in before, or by that time (some of it on judgements which must be collected by then)- but I have 150 Dols to pay in a day or two which must be paid- and I have not the money nor can I get it without spending time which ought to be employed in preparations for the trip- you may positively rely on getting it back again in ten days should you be obliged to have it in that time- and you will confer a particular favor on me-

I have nothing more to say as to our speculations below, and I think it would be safest not to make any more locations until I go down I am trying to arrange my affairs so as to go immediately down by land- which I shall be able to do if I could raise about 150 Dols- which I hope you will lend me- Enclosed is a recept for it-

The money must be Bankable, as none other will do

S. F. Austin

W. M. Ohara

My Brother was unable to go up I have therefore sent the negro Boy Baptiste, to whom you will please deliver the letter to me - also please direct him to Robert Wash, and also please dispatch him as soon as possible

S. F. Austin

[Endorsed:] Mr. Will. M. Ohara St. Louis