Moses Austin to James Bryan, 09-13-1818

Summary: Anxious to close his business. Offered $50,000 for his Mine a Burton estate, but will not accept.

Durham Hall Sept 13 1818

Dear Son

Wall arrived last evening and mentioned that Allen and Osman had left your plantation they have not arrived at the mines I do not [sic] think the man that has been talking to them ought to have his head broak on the spot. I am doubtfull they may have taken the road to Kentucky if so, they may give You much trouble

I understand that Mess Scott and Bates have an intention to build a store House on your lott or in Other words Opposite Mr Bates on the bank I do not know but you have given them liberty but if not something I think ought to be said on the subject they have logs Hawled to commence the House but when they [will] commence I cannot tell—, I suppose some person is over to attend to Cider making Stephen F Austin goes to St Louis this week— I shall git him to see to the business on his way but he cannot stay long I understand you have taken back your Baker place also 1/2 the saw Mill. While you are purchasing I am trying to sell and If I can obtain a purchaser will sell all my proprety in this country and return to the North but of this I have my Doubts. I have been offered a price for my mine a Burton estate say 50 thousand Dollares this sum I shall not take, but I am Determined to sell as soon as I can I am greatly dissatisfied and wish to Change my situation would to god my business was closed I would leave the country in a week—

Make my love to Dear Emily and accept of my Esteem and affection

Moses Austin

If Allen and Osmon should be within reach—I shall secure them


[Addressed:] Mr James Bryan Hazel Cottage