Stephen F. Austin to Unknown, 03-02-1819

Summary: Memoranda by Stephen F. Austin concerning land speculations.

Dr New Madrid Claim Speculation

1819 January 30 To George Tennille for the one half of claims N° 6 416 415 of 640 acres each and N° 431. of 200 arpents at 10 Dolls pr acre and arpent for which I gave my notes payable in 1- 2- 3- 4- and 5 years after date. J. H. Ficklin witness______________________________________ 7400 Assumed to be paid by James Bryan February 25 To W. M. Ohara for the one half of claims N° 264- N° 33 of 160 acres each and N° 133 of 200 arpents at 5$ pr acre and arpent for which a mortgage of this date is given on said half of said claims payable 6 and 12 months in 2 notes______ 1300 W. M. Ohara Dr to Madrid Specan for the 1/8 of claim N° 431___ 300 Sold to Jas Bryan Robert Andrews Dr to Madrid Spen for a share of claim N° 33 for which he gave his note payable in 12 months to W. M. Ohara and S. F. Austin for 200 $ half of which sum with interest is mine that is to say_____________________________ 100 Madrid Specun Dr to Expense a/c for my expences at St. Louis attending to the locations from the 23d February 1819 to the 27th same month_________________________________ 10. 00

I have this day February 26 given a power of Attorney to W. M. Ohara to purehaee any amount of Madrid claims and locate them for our joint a/c and I have received a power from him to lay out Towns and sell lots on the claims we hold jointly

I have also a verbal agreement with George Tennille to furnish me with all the claims he can get, which I am to locate for our joint benefit for the half of which I am to pay him 10 Dolls pr acre in 5 years

This day March 22d 1819 I settled with T. Ballard and agreed to pay J. Bryan seventy five Dollars and P. Thurman one hundred Dollars for him and close all demands on both sides also to pay 85 to S. P. and C° [Samuel Perry & Co.]

[Stephen F. Austin.]