Stephen F. Austin to William M. O'Hara, 03-10-1819

Summary: Introducing Dr. Robert Andrews. Land business in Arkansas. Establishment of Little Rock.

Dear Sir Potosi March 10,1819

This will be handed to you by my Friend Doctor Robert Andrews, with whom I have made an arrangement (subject to your confirmation), which I think will be for the mutual advantage of us all.

Doctr. Andrews had it [in] contemplation to locate a place with in four miles of our Ouchitaw location on the Caddo River where he intended to lay off a Town, but declined it after we made ours altho he thinks that a Town might be layed off there to advantage,—a Town there would certainly interfere some with ours—I have therefore agreed to let him become interested in our Ouchitaw location one Eighth by his paying that porportion of the cost of the claim in twelve months— and also in consideration of his agreeing to go immediately down to that country (with authority from Genl Rector to survey the claims if he will give it) and to survey all our locations, lay off the Town at the Little Rock, at the Ouchitaw and on Red River

he is fully competent to this business and it will be some object for us to have our Towns in Market immediately—the contract I have made is to let him be interested one Eighth in our Ouchitaw location as above stated—give him two lots if he draws, or one if he chooses it, in the Little Rock Town— this contract however is subject to your sanction, or rejection, as I think if he becomes interested, we aught both to relinquish a part as it will be for our joint benefit—if you approve of the arrangement therefor you can take his note for the Money and give a Bond in our joint names, for the title.

Make every exertion to get an order of survey and to get Andrews appointed the Surveyor—but do not let it be known that he is interested in the location,

S. F. Austin

[Addressed:] Mr. William M. O'hara St. Louis.