Stephen F. Austin to William O'Hara, 04-07-1819

Summary: Financial difficulties. Departure for Arkansas. Bank of St. Louis.

Hercum April 7, 1819

Dr Sir,

I have recd yours by T Collet—the Power of Attorney given me to sell lots &c is agreeably to your request herewith returned— I should very willingly take the claim of 640 acres for Stock but I have it not to spare— When I borrowed the 150$ from you I had every assurance that men could give that I should have that, and a much greater amnt before this time—I have been disappointed— I have sent you enclosed a power of Attorney to sell three Shares of Bank Stock—Collet tells me it is worth 85. to go if so, 2 shares will more than pay the 150.$ however raise the 150.$ out of the stock if it takes all three shares I depend on your getting the best price you can for them— I have been greatly disappointed—perplexed and delayed in my arrangements, but Shall be off I think on Sunday— I do not wish you to purchase any more claims on our agreement untill you hear from me after my arrival at Red River,-— the arrangement with Browne I suppose is only conditional, I shall try to sell some claims for Clark when I arrive there and if a prise can be had that will justify I will send up an express

My route will be from here to Red River by water, thence immediately after my arrival, to the oucita and Arkansaw by land and through the country as occation may require— I wrote you some time ago by Doctor R. Andrews, proposing to give him a share in our Washitaw location on certain terms mentioned therein— on this subject you can act as you think proper— if andrews could be appointed deputy Surveyor to lay off our tracts, it would be much to our advantage-

have you heard anything from T. Rector since his return, or any other person, wheither the country at the Little Rock, or on washitaw at the mouth of the Caddo or on Red River at the mouth of Little River has been surveyed, or wheither order of survey can be had for our locations this point is material I would take the 640 acres for Stock but my Father wishes to appropriate all the Stock he has to discharge his Bank debt— After I arrive where I can get information that will be of use to us, you may expect to hear from me very often— I regret much that it has been out of my power to send the 150.$, but, so it is—- I am very much embarrased, as every cent I owe in the Country must be paid before I can start— and I have now nearly settled all my affairs— My bank debt will be arranged by my father who has assured the payment of it, and when I start I shall be able to go nearly quite free the period of my return to this country is some what doubtfull, tho, probably in the fall— however should I find it necessary to come up on our business I shall do so, on this subject however I shall act as occation may require.

If you have an opportunity before Sunday morning write me, and say what is the state of the Bank, have you heard from Price, have [you] heard who are the officers of Arkansaw Territory— what ammt of claims have you purchased since I left you the payments and also what prospect there is of getting an order of Survey—

Compliments to Mrs. Ohara and your Mother

S. F. Austin

[Addressed:] Mr. William M Ohara St Louis