Stephen F. Austin to William M. O'Hara, 06-16-1819

Summary: Retiring from the New Madrid claims speculation in Arkansas. Excellence of locations already made.

Mount Prairie June 16, 1819

Dr Sir

I have seen Doctor Andrews and learned from him that no orders of Survey could be had for our locations in this country and untill then nothing can be done with the claims— the locations we have made are considered by every one to be the best that could have been made in the country and will certainly yeild a handsome profit the moment they can be brought into market. The little Rock is universally spoken of as the seat of Government and both the other places are good Town scites—I wrote you from Herculanium not to purchase any more claims on our agreement untill you heard from me, and since my return to this country I have sold out the whole of my interest in the locations to Mr James Bryan who has become responsable for the regular payment of the money due on them The most important points being secured I do not wish to enter any further into the speculation and therefore shall consider our arrangement as to the purchase of more claims to be annulled, no more claims of course have been purchased on that arrangement as I wrote you from Herculanium not to purchase any more. Mr. Bryan perhaps will enter into the speculation with you if you wish though there is no use in locating claims without you get an order of Survey, you will please give up to Mr Bryan the Power of Attorney I gave you to purchase claims, the claim of 240 arpents in which you have an interest of 1/8 is yet unlocated in the hands of Mr Bryan, you and him can arrange as you may think best as to any further arrangements— Please write me what the Bank is doing and what is the prospect of getting money from the Johnsons.

Please give my compliments to your mother and Lady

S. F. Austin.

[Addressed:] Mr. Wm. M. Ohara St Louis