James Cummins to James Bryan, 07-15-1819

Summary: Salt business. New Madrid claim.

Fourche Caddo July the 15th 1819


After Due Respect to you and family I Desire to Communicate to you our Sittuation at present, our Salt buisness is going on Tollerable well at present. We have got a quantity of good brick on the way and as soon as they Can be burnt I will have the furnace Rebuilt then I think we can make upwards of one hundred Bushels pr week. I have Bought Mrs Hemphells Boat and have sent round to Vaughans one hundred and seventy Bushels of Salt which I think there will be a Ready Sale for, but Let us be Carefull to git Lease as soon as it Can be obtained for I think from what Mr McGuire tells me there will be a Lease applied for soon he has been vewing the sittuation and I expect has been sent for that purpose, he tels me that a part of my place is Covered with a New Madred Claim Laid by Capt Spriggs and others in partnership, though fortunately by not knowing the Course of the Caddo he does not hurt me Verrey much I think when he has it surveyed it will take in perhaps four or five acres of my improvement there intention is to Lay of a Town on my place or Barkmans it will take all Barkmans improvement and on the Track there is not a Sittuation that will do for a Town. I want you to Lay on your Six hundred and forty acre Claim for me and in my name Beginning on the West Boundary Line of Capt. Spriggs Location and Running up the Caddo 320 poles to a point on the same and thence Southerly at Right angles for the Compliment of Six hundred and forty acres all on the South Side of the Caddo which will enclude Brayhams place Richards Barkmans Little field and the Still House we can Settle with Barkman and Graham and make our Division so as to suit our Selves almost all the County wishes a Town where we had a thought of Laying one off and it is generally Said that the Seat of Justice for this County will be on that place as to my opinion there is no doubt of it I have not a doubt of your attention for my Interest as well as your own, I heard from the Mount the other day the Boys are all doing good business both here and their their Respects to you—

James Cummins

Capt James Bryan

[Addressed] : Capt. James Bryant County of St Gennevive Missouri Territory