James Farris to Stephen F. Austin, 09-19-1819

Summary: Asks settlement of his account with James Bryan.

Natchitoches 19th Sept 1819

Dear Sir

Since I have arived at this place from Mount Prairie I have had a Severe spell of Sickness as also a number of the Sitizens of this place has had the same misfortune to struggle with and some of them was not able to withstand the tortures which they ware inflicted with they have left the stage and gone to the world unknown— but for my part with good care, and a great expence with the Doctors I believe I shall Recover, I am able to walk about and View past times when I was at home or in a healthy country and whare I enjoyed health and whare I had something to pay the Doctor if I owed him or if I owed any person and had not wharwith to pay I could go to work and make something, but to my missfortune I am not able to do what I would wish to do, and if it is m Your power to remit to me by J Morrison the Small sum which Mr J. Bryan owes me, it probably will deliver me from shame and [when in] health will be enabled to Start in the new—if Mr. Bryan has not returned I hope you will consider my case, and will make a settlement for him, with J Morrison who I have authorised to settle my accompts with Mr Bryan

James Farris

Mr S F Austin

[Addressed:] Mr Stephen F Austin Mount Prairie By J. Morrison