J. H. Bell to Stephen F. Austin, 09-21-1819

Summary: Business in Arkansas Long's expedition.

Natchitoches Sept 21st 1819

Sir I recevd Your letter of the l7th of August Last you say you have had no Letter from me which is strange to me as I have writen to you several times and inclosed you all the letters that has arived at this Place— I have also taken up all the paper you left in that way viz 1 note of one hundred dollars for Brian to Kempley one of $30 to Burger and the amount of sugar with Samprack [Sampyrac] and Butlers accompt etc

As to the suit Respecting the Boat we had it Put of until next tirm which will Be in December next as I wrote you Before— As to the Spanish expadition it has Past its zenath and many of the officers Deserting the cause which I Beleeve was at Best a Bad one and conducted By Bad men Reports say some things of the officers at the Head of affairs that is not prudent to put on Paper as there is things of a femanine nature involved in it


J. H. Bell

there was some of the flour damaged which I had to sell at a under rate and on credit I had to advance about twenty Dollars which I have not yet Colected—

[Addressed:] Mr S. F. Austin Mount Prairie Arkansas Ty By Morrison