Moses Austin to James Bryan, 02-03-1820

Summary: Concerning settlement of his debts.

Dear Son

Doct Cunningham returned yesterday from St Louis—-and brought me word from Mr Petti bone that he would be down in a day or two when he expected he would have it in his power to make a proposition that would embrace a settlement of all my Debts and leave me the property in Herculaneum and leave me a few thousand dollars to live on. this arrangement he is making for the sale of my—-Mine a Burton estate—leave me the (640) acres—all my movable Property at the mines my Blacksmith shop and lotts at the mines 12 lotts in this place with all my improvements [undecipherable] what Household Goods I have at this place and something more I shall know in a day or two how this business will Close At the same time, if you can do anything you had better make arrangements to meet any disappointments, but I will lett you know what is the determination

I am your aff Father

Moses Austin [Rubric]

Give my love to Emily & kiss the children for me.

Febr 3 1820

[Addressed:] Mr James Bryan Hazel Run