R. P. Guyard to Moses Austin, 05-12-1820

Summary: Accounts for collection. Moses Austin's assets.

Received from Moses Austin the following notes and due Bills to wit Wm Brown's due Bill for thirty dollars dated 29th July 1816 Samuel McMulling note for Twenty three dollars and fifty cents dated 7th April 1820 John Gilmore's note for Seven dollars and thirty seven and a half cents dated 6th Sept 1809 Patrick Cullens note for $30-30 dated 2nd Novr 1810 on which there is a credit of $25 dated 1 March 1814 Samuel Hargrave's due Bill for $2.25 dated 6 Decr 1817 Samuel Hargraves due Bill for $5.93 1/2 dated 6th Decr 1817. Joab Strickland's note for $8 62 1/2 dated Aug 21. 1817 on which he has a credit for $4 57 1/2 David Aikins note for for $3 50 1/2 dated 30th Oct 1817 and David Aikins due Bill for $5 50 1/2 dated 30th August 1817 on which he has a credit for $5.25 amounting together to the sum of Eighty two dollars and seventeen cents which said notes and due Bills when fully paid with the interest arising thereon shall be in discharge of all accounts dues and demands against said M Austin, provided always and it is hereby clearly understood that if any difficulty arises in the collection of the said notes and due Bills and the parties refuse to pay the same with the Interest due thereon. They shall be returned to the said M Austin who shall give other good notes for the same, and provided also that the principle and Interest to be received on the same up to this date shall amount to at least One hundred dollars

Herculaneum 12th May 1820

E. P. Guyard [Rubric]