Stephen F. Austin to James Bryan, 06-02-1820

Summary: Salt production. Debts.

Saline June 2 1820.

Dr Brother,

I have been examining your Caddo store accounts with a view of Selecting the best of them to put in a train for collection, I have done the best I could and put a Small amount in the hands of officers for collection and Alley must be here to prove them, The Saline is in opperation and there is about 500 bushels of Salt on hand, but it will not Sell for any thing— Poston is doing the best he can and is out of provisions, which cannot be had here without the Silver Bacon at 25cts and corn 1,00 to 2,00 I have therefore Sent out Alley to the Arkensaw for you to procure bacon or Pork—there and send to this place by Orr in the waggon and he can take back a load of Salt also send some Flour unless you do this the Saline will have to stop— I have taken an inventory of every thing here and shall start to the Mount tomorrow and think shall be able to sell the works to Wilson, Browne from whom you borrowed the money called on me and is in distress for One hundred Dolls and says that if he can get that much he will wate for the balance. I have promised to try and get it If you cannot save your Property in the upper country without taking Money from here I fear it will be Sold, for I have no hopes of getting a Dollar for you in this country Mrs Hemphill will Sue you the moment you arrive here as will also Browne and Mrs Bear unless I can get the 100 Dos for Browne— If my Father should come to Little Rock you may tell him that I wish to go to the Mouth of White River to live if I can take any thing there to begin with and if that cannot be done I shall go down the Mississippi and seek employ

Stephen F Austin

The Postons had no intentions to injure you by what they have done but to befriend you and keep others from attaching who would not have been as friendly as they will—

[Addressed:] Mr. James Bryan Little Rock.