David Gallaher to Stephen F. Austin, 01-20-1821

Summary: Asks payment of a note. Hard times in Missouri.

Washington City [Missouri] 20th January 1821

D. Sir

I now imbrase the opportunity of informing you that times are very hard and money very scarce in this country and as fortune has frowned on me; and as I am informed smiled on you, I Flatter myself you will assist me with a part; if not all of the money which I lent you; I gave to Mr Wm Perry your note last spring when he was leaving this place for Orleenes and as he has not returned yet I do not know wheather he saw you or not, or what he done with the note, if you saw him and have paid it I hop you will Excuse this demand, If not I hope you will send by Wm Bruffy all or as much of it as you can; and his receipt to you shall be good for the amt received;

David Gallaher

[Addressed:] His Excellency S. F. Austin Provence Taxes