Douglass Forsythe to Moses Austin, 01-22-1821

Summary: Receipt for slave Richmond. Inclosure gives expense account of the Negro.

Received from Moses Austin a Negro man by the name of Richmond the property of Stephen Fuller Austin esqr who is now so diseased that he is not able to travel and who is placed under the care of Doct Rivers and in case of his Removal to be placed under some Other if Necessary, to be restored to health, now be it remembered, that so soon as said Negro man is in a situation to labour I agree to pay Twelve Dollars pr month for the hire of said Negro and which money so accruing—from the labour of said Negro is to be retained in my hands to discharge Doct Rivers bill and any other Docts Bill if any other is employed and also his board untill he commences labour, Unless the said expences are other wise discharged either by the said Stephen Fuller Austin or the said Austin or there order in which case I promis to deliver said Negro man Richmond to the said Austin or his son or there order Death and other Circumstances not with in the Control of the Undersignd (Excepted) Twelve Dollars is to be allow.d pr month for the board of said Negro untill able to labour, but if I can hire out the said Negro man for more than Twelve Dollars pr month I am to do so and account to the said Austin for the same.

Douglass Foksythe [Rubric]

Jany 22th 1821

Joshua Parker [Witness?]

Sr Mr Hugh McGuffen has full authority to call for the within Named Negro man Richmond and Receive him on discharging his bills of expense

Moses Austin [Rubric]

Feby 10 1821

To Dugless Forsythe Esq

Recd the within named negro from D. Forsythe July 15, 1821

S. F. Austin.


Stephen F. Austin

To D Forsythe Dr

Jany 1821 To Moses Austins bill_________________________________ 8. 50 Feby 20 " 1 pr. pantaloons for your negro Richmond____________ 3. 00 1 Shirt for do________________________________________ 2. 50 April 28 1 pr pantaloons_______________________________________ 2. 50 1 " Leather do_______________________________________ 3. 00 1 shirt______________________________________________ 2. 50 Medicine from Dr Rivers_______________________________ 5. 00 Bill paid Dr Rivers for Negro_________________________ 30. 00 May 1 pr pantaloo[n]s Richm_______________________________ 2. 00 ________ $59. 00

July 15 Dr Rivers bill up to this time for attending Richmond________________________________ 9. 50 ________ $68. 50 Cr. By One Months wages of Richmond after paying for his board_____________________________________________ 12. 00 ________ $56. 50 To 50 lb Bacon @12 1/2___________________ 6. 25 " 2 bushels Corn for flour________________ 2. 00 20 lbs Beef @ 61__________________________ 1. 25 Sam's bill________________________________ 2. 00 Sundries__________________________________ 2. 00 Grinding Corn_____________________________ . 75 _______ 14. 25 14. 25 ________ $70. 75

Recd a draft on A Sampyrac for the above Seventy Dollars 75/100 which when paid will be in full.

July 16th 1821 Douglass Forsythe