Moses Austin to James Bryan, 04-22-1821

Summary: Account with Bank of St. Louis.

St Louis Ap1 22, 1821.

Dear Son

I have after much delay and difficulty obtained my account from the Bank of St Louis and after settling S F. Austin's account, Debt, and Interest also my own I am in debt to the bank (280 Dollars which is payable in three years so that after much difficulty and an ungodly sacrefice I shall clear myself and family from Debt all my other business is nearly closed and after collecting every Cent against me in this town it amounts only to about (550) Dollars which sweeps ray Debt the Judgment of Butlers excepted—and I have not given up any property as yet, but I must do so as I cannot settle that Demand in any other way—¦

Wiggins has made use of my stock say ten shares some two years past and had Mr Pettibone don[e] his duty he could never have obtained a judgment. I wash my hands of that business by a Bill in chancery—which I shall file on the Morrow—after which I hope to leave St Louis. I think that you had better attend to your Debt against Ohara he has sold Little Rock and I believe he is placing things in a situation to take the benefit of the Law, a Day aught not to be lost in settling with him. I pray make a little exertion to send in something for Brown (50) Dollars will now release him from Debt and return him home which I want very much as he must go with me to Texas your mother is recently distressed for common necessaries she is out of flour and meat

make my love to Dear Emily and the little boys

Moses Austin

[Addressed:] Mr James Bryan Hazel Run

[On a little slip attached to this letter appears] I have discoverd a Mistake in my Bank a/c by which I bring the Bank upwards of Two Hundred Dollars in debt—