Moses Austin to Stephen F. Austin, 05-22-1821

Summary: Make preparations for Texan enterprise. Better times approaching.

Herculaneum May 22 1821

Dear Son

This letter will be handed you by Mr Coleman Mr Baird—and Mr --------- Young Gentlemen attached to my Enterprise and will want some imploy untill my Arrival which you will recommend them unto If you can

I wrote you by last Mail that I had recd letters from Nacitoch of the confirmation of my Grant and the liberty to introduce (300) American Families This came by Express from Mexico to St Antonio and from thence to Nachitoches So that I now can go forward with confidence and I hope and pray you will Discharge your Doubts, as to the Enterprise and If any means can be commanded use your utmost to have every thing brought into motion and a vessell ready that no Delay take place everything Depends On expedition I am Detained to make a finish of my business Which I hope will take place in a day or two I hope you will make the trip to Arkensaos by the time I arrive raise your Spirits times are changing a new chance presents itself nothing is now wanting but Concert and firmness I am aff Your Father

Moses Austin

If provisions, can be had, say Bacn and flower they will command money in St. Antonio—and that immedeately, be on the look out and exert yourself with all your power

M Austin

[Addressed:] Stephen Fuller Austin, Esqr Joseph H. Hawkins, Esqr. New Orleans